Encounter 403: The Aftermath

This is what happened next. Did the world end? Even a little? Follow the trail of Dorothy Martin, Charles Laughead, and the prophecy’s impact on the flying saucer community in this week’s installment of The Saucer Life. The picture above is of a very elderly Dorothy Martin, also known as Sister Thedra.

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  1. Hi
    Thanks for your interesting shows on this fascinating episode in UFO history. I adapted and directed When Prophecy Fails for the stage in the 1970s. It was called Sananda Sez and played on Theater Row in NYC. BTW the excellent novel Imaginary Friends by Alison Lurie is an obvious adaptation of When Prophecy Fails yet I have never seen that fact acknowledged by her or anyone else. It was made into a UK TV movie many years ago and more recently done as a BBC radio drama.Finally, the Dr. Sam Sheppard murder trial (the OJ trial of that time) dominated the headlines of December 1954.

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  2. Wow! Thanks so much for commenting; I had no idea about Sananda Sez. I’ll have to check out Imaginary Friends as well. I’m always surprised there aren’t more examples of creative or literary offshoots of this stuff.

    I’d forgotten all about the Sam Sheppard trial–great context connection.

    Thanks again!


    • There was a TV movie made in the 1982 called The Mysterious Two. It was about the early days of Bo & Peep who later became the tragic Heaven’s Gate. But, I agree this material is ripe for more artistic exploitation. BTW I see in my notes that William Dudley Pelley (the mystic/fascist with ties to Adamski and several other contactees) wrote a criticism of Dorothy Martin. This must have been in one of his magazines associated with his Soulcraft movement. This must have stung Dorothy coz she had been a follower of his at one time. Pelley wrote about UFOs quite a bit. I think he called them Star Guests.

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      • I’ve been trying to find more issues of the Valor online but there are very few. I think there’s a Pelley archive somewhere out west though that I need to find. Yes, I believe “Star Guests” was the term he used!


      • I’ve done a great deal of research on Pelley and have helped a few academics. I knew the family. But, I can’t share my info in a public forum. Fascinating man! If you’d like to email privately, I’m happy to do so.


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