Encounter 502: The Truth! Fridays on Fox!

Not to get all nostalgic, but that first season of The X-Files takes me back, I tell you what. From the not-quite-right recitations of UFO lore to the subtle jabs at the culture, we’re going to look at a few classic early episodes and examine not only what the show said, but what the saucer world said about the show.

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  1. great episode, I remember hearing you, Mike (Clelland) and Seriah Azketh’s remarks about the X-Files on the WDTRG Podcasts and having watched it as a kid I had no idea it was so influential at the time. As a sidenote, my partner and I were talking about the popularity of commercial genetic testing – you can get your geneology revealed by having a DNA test to determine, for instance what percentage of each ancestry you have. I was talking about how if I had it done, I’d want some guarantee that the samples and data would be kept confidential and it really reminded me of that bit in the X-Files where Mulder (after faking his death!) breaks into a secret archive in the Pentagon filled with endless filing cabinets containing tissue samples of every US citizen apparently taken during vaccinations or something. I really liked the idea that “They” were just keeping the samples for some future possible reason – seemed to me it would be a plausible thing a government might consider doing just from a practical standpoint.

    Also, a thing I really loved about the X Files was the opening with the amazing theme and how sometimes “The Truth Is Out There” would be changed to something cryptic and you’d be like “whoa! This episode must really be something!”

    All this talk about the x-files really makes me crave a cigarette. Where are my Morleys?


  2. Hey Saucer Lifers. After watching the top 5 episodes of season one of the X-Files. I was shocked about three things. I like to pre-apologise for the following salty language against the U. S. Military.
    1. How overt the hatred of the U.S. Military was. In Episode “Fallen Angel.”. The U.S. Military Crash Retrieval squad was who and how I imagined my local high school male bullies would grow up to be. To Episode “Deep Throat” where a diner staff member compares air force pilots to struggling male sex partners. Is something that just would not fly in Michael Bay’s and Zack Snyder’s Hollywood. Which showcase American fictional heroes needing to be purse puppies of the U.S. Military in order to save the day.
    2. The writers of season one X- Files have contempt for the UFO fan. In “Deep Throat” and E.B.E. UFO fans are portrayed as comedic reliefs and goofballs. While in “The Erwinmayer Flask”. The Lone Gunmen are portrayed as heroic because the focused more on warning and disclosing the actions of a rouge Government gone power mad. The message I’m getting is “UFO fans. Stop demanding your Government to disclose it’s UFO information and demand disclosure on MK Ultra, MK Often, the Tuskegee experiment. And focus less on the skies and more on the ground. Your government is not your friend.
    3. I can see how the X-Files gave Hollywood a blueprint on how to adapt American Comic book heroes for the small screen. Focusing more on the Characters and budgeting special effects for accurate super powers then for accurate costumes. Look for episodes “Squeeze” and “Push” are my immediate examples of super villains.
    Thanks for the memories.


    • Absolutely! There is a cynicism about the military-intel complex in that first season that is a little jarring and I feel that’s part of the edge that the show loses in later years when it becomes engrossed in its own mythology rather than sampling the conspiratorial world around it.


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