The Saucer Afterlife: War of the Coopers

Here’s the section on Bill Cooper’s interpretation of the “War of the Worlds” broadcast that I decided just didn’t fit with the Radio Daze episode. Enjoy (as much as possible with Wild Bill)!



  1. Cooper’s firing off accusations against ufologists at the end was AWESOME! His paranoia was sublime! According to him, virtually everyone in ufology at the time was either a CIA operative, or a member of an organization alleged to be orchestrating the New World Order. Magnificent!

    It’s interesting that Vicki Ecker was the true CIA operative, while Don Ecker was just a dupe. Her dupe?

    I had to look up The Order of the Eastern Star. But I could find no evidence that Linda Moulton Howe was or is a member of it. The only things to come up refer back to Cooper’s claims. Anyway, invoking the Freemasons added a cool, vintage touch.

    The dude was ahead of his time!

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  2. I don’t remember diagramming sentences in grade school during the late 90s, but I did take a technical writing course in 2010 and it was a thing. So it’s was still being used at least 10 years ago


  3. I had not heard of the odd Mr. Cooper before now. His love of pauses causes me to suspect he was a graduate of the Bill Shatner Acting School. 🙂

    I thought I knew the War of the Worlds broadcasts pretty well, but clearly I was wrong! And there was I, thinking the only conspiracy was Orson Welles’ efforts to deny he always hoped the Mercury Theatre’s broadcast would generate panic, scandal, and tides of publicity…

    WKBW’s 1968 version of the story is my favourite. I strongly recommend it for any enthusiast of alien invasions:

    – strange the all-knowing Mr Cooper didn’t reference this continuation of the extraterrestrial conspiracy! 😉


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