A Strange(s) Update

Thanks to a loyal listener, I have a bunch of FBI stuff about Dr. Frank E. Stranges, who we covered in our episode “A Valiant Effort.” Here, we take a restrained ramble through these pages (which you can find here).



  1. Good episode. Kudos to the listener who supplied the documents.

    I had never thought conservative Christianity and UFOs mixed well. Was I wrong? Is there a particular theology involved?

    I agree with you that “pseudo-conman” is an apt phrase to describe Stranges and many others in the UFO field. But even though he didn’t explicitly impersonate a federal agent, isn’t it fraud, or some related offense, to pretend to have a doctorate?

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  2. I think I am in contact with an alien intelligence. I saw your podcast on Dr. Stranges yesterday but did not have time to listen to it. Last night for entertainment I watched an episode of UFO on YouTube. UFO was a British sci-fi show by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson of Super Marination fame (Thunderbirds and other children’s puppet shows). UFO was a live action show on the air in the UK from 1969-1970 and later shown on American television (I have been watching a lot of old TV stuff thanks to Covid). It was followed by the Anderson’s more popular Space:1999 show. Anyway, I was watching episode 17 “The Dalotek Affair”. After the brief snazzy, groovy and “mod” intro theme the very first 2 minutes was a staged “interview” with none other than Dr. Stranges himself! His name was displayed along with his organization (the one that sounds like NICAP) on the bottom of the screen. You have to check it out. Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEdrybRB2Y8&list=PLE0NwonZdOxn-a_qx-jIndKrsX_etIQ4P&index=17&ab_channel=Ae13U
    So, are the aliens in my head giving me messages to relay to you for your podcasts? If only Frank were still with us I could write to him for advice.
    Frank Cimino


  3. Addendum: The UFO episode was the 17th shown but the 7th Produced according to Wikipedia. The original air date was Feb 10, 1971. So if the interview if not an archive footage was taped for the show it was probably in late 1970, Later in the show the statements of Dr. Stranges are used to solve a case they are working on, I kid you not.


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