The Saucer Sasquatch Staff Outing

Something a little different this time, as Saucer Life guest voice Samantha (formerly Sasha, but I was unsure I could be consistent in using a pseudonym all day) visited the first Michigan Bigfoot Conference. Samantha is more of a bigfoot person than I am, but we both found it interesting–possibly not always for the right reasons. Spoiler: there was distinct lack of UFO based Bigfoots. You can view some social media videos we did while at the conference here!



  1. And now, for the rest of the story:

    Boring is named after William Harrison Boring, a Union soldier and pioneer whose family built a farm in the area in 1856, before Oregon had received statehood.

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  2. There’s a difference between critiquing and ridiculing. I would have enjoyed the episode more if you had just critiqued the conference without ridiculing anyone. Otherwise, I really enjoy your podcasts.


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