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Series One

Encounter 101: General Principles and the Story of Helen
Encounter 102: Of all the Things to Wish upon a Person–Al Bender and the Men in Black
Encounter 103: “A Creature from the Blackest Memory of your Fears”
Encounter 104: Read These Books!
Encounter 105: They Met the Space Brothers (and Sisters)
Encounter 106: “This Queen of Women was the Lady Captain!”

Series Two

Encounter 201: Will the Real OH KRILL Please Stand Up?
Encounter 202: The Saucer (Love) Life
Encounter 203: The Zine Scene, 1954 (Part One)
Encounter 204: The Zine Scene, 1954 (Part Two)
Encounter 205: Airships over America
Encounter 206: And then the Feds Showed Up…

Series Three: Mind, Body, Spirit

Encounter 301: A Good Old Fashioned Ether Frolic
Encounter 302: Ashtar Watches Over Us
Encounter 303: Read this Book- Flying Saucer Occupants
Encounter 304: Adamski Exposed! Or Not!
Encounter 305: The Robertson Panel
Encounter 306: The Saucers Spoke

Series Four: The Real(ish) World

Encounter 401: You Can’t Say that on TV
Encounter 402: The End of the World
Encounter 403: The Aftermath
Encounter 404: Unidentified Flying Candle in the Wind
Encounter 405: There’s this thing Called the Internet
Encounter 406: Do YOU Remember Lemuria?

Series Five: The 90s Strike Back!

Encounter 501: Behold a Bill Cooper
Encounter 502: The Truth! Fridays on Fox!
Encounter 503: Little Gray Men
Encounter 504: Read These 90s Books!
Encounter 505: Esotericon Saucer Interlude
Encounter 506: 1997
Encounter 507: The Hollow(ed) Earth

Series Six

Encounter 601: Me and You and a Dog Named Bo
Encounter 602: The Mysterious Case of the Lead Masks
Encounter 603: Martians from the Rear
Encounter 604: Umm…What?
Encounter 605: Africa
Encounter 606: In-Credo-Ble Stories
Encounter 607: Odds and Ends

Series Seven

Encounter 701: Bigfeet From Space
Encounter 702: Mothman Unplugged
Encounter 703: The Silver Bridge
Encounter 704: A Cold Day in West Virginia
Encounter 705: The Psychometric Express
Encounter 706: John Keel and the Mothman Prophecies
Encounter 707: An Apol a Day
Encounter 708: We’re Going to Hell for This

Series Eight (2019 Episodes–more or less!)

Watch This, Don’t Watch That
The Seventies Zine Scene
Listener Question Extravaganza, Part 1
Listener Question Extravaganza, Part 2
A Valiant Effort
X Marks the Spot
No Alternative
Year of the Humanoids
Signs of the Times
Live in Halifax, 2018
Songs of Saturn
Space Brothers, Space Battles, and Yoga
Orfeo Angelucci’s Electric Ginger Ale Acid Test
Two Years!
All the (Weekly World) News That’s Fit to Print
The Marsh Gas Life
Storm Hangar 18
Contactee Mount Rushmore
The Maury Island Mess
90s Magazine Mixtape
The Mysterious Mitchell Sisters
The Secret Grudges of Bill English
The Saucer Life Holiday Special

Series Nine (2020 Episodes)

Read This Book: A Road Not Taken
The Saucer Afterlife: Mailbox Mystery!
Lights, Camera, Reinhold!
The Saucer Afterlife: Lights, Camera, August Roberts?
Radio Daze
The Saucer Afterlife: War of the Coopers
Try a Little Understanding
The Saucer Afterlife: The Strange but Mild Beauty of a Luminous Feeler
Why do Bird(-like alien)s Suddenly Appear?
The Saucer Afterlife: A Saucer Synesthesia Sleepytime Story
Flying Saucer Game Night!
The Disclosure President?
The Saucer Afterlife: Monsters from Outer Space?
Dana: She Came from California
The Saucer Afterlife: More Reinhold!
Ceto’s New Friends
The Saucer Afterlife: A Shefford Story
Live from the 50s
The Saucer Afterlife: Editorializing
Before and After Ceto
The Saucer Afterlife: Interesting News!
Flying Saucer Movie Night
The Saucer Afterlife: Weird. Theoretically
The Aho and Carr Episode
The Saucer Afterlife: The Poetry of Otis T. Carr
Dark Skies: An Interview with Author Matthew Kresal
The Saucer Afterlife: Road Trip
Time Sensitive Info! Upcoming (virtual) Appearances
The Top Ten…Important UFO Books
The Saucer Afterlife: The Woodrew Update Update
The Road to Kelly
The Saucer Afterlife: Dana and Ron
The Zine Scene- Alien Worlds
The Saucer Afterlife: From the Spam Files
A Strange(s) Update
The Saucer Afterlife- A Reading from the Book of Zip-Zip
The Shocking Truth!
The Saucer Afterlife: Security Protocols
Above Black, Beyond Belief
The Saucer Afterlife: 3 Years (and a bit)
UFOs- What to Do?
The Saucer Afterlife: The Woodrew Update Update 2
The Saucer Afterlife: The Woodrew Update Update 3
The Ultimate Deception
The Saucer Afterlife: The Human Cougar
The Great Debate
The Saucer Afterlife: Bluepeace?
The Saucer Life Holiday Special

Series 10 (2021 Episodes)

The Saucer Afterlife: A Second Reading from the Book of Zip Zip
I Yam What I Yamski
The Saucer Afterlife: Bosco’s Utopias
Fate in the 50s
The Saucer Afterlife: And Now a Word from Fate’s Sponsors
Intergalactic Diplomacy
The Saucer Afterlife: Rules for Disinformation
The Space-Age Candidate
The Saucer Afterlife: Gabe on the Mic
The Rolf Telano Episode
The Saucer Afterlife: Gabe and the Two
The Terra Papers and Beyond
The Saucer Afterlife: More…ningsky
Read These Books! Now! Well, Soon!
The Saucer Afterlife: Area 2000?
King David’s Granddaughter and the Shape Shifting Lizard People (and a brief addendum with something I forgot to mention)
The Saucer Afterlife: One List, Two List, Red List, Blue List
The News From Grand Rapids
The Saucer Afterlife: The Cost of Doing Saucer Business
The Saucer Afterlife: The Woodrew Update Update 4
Listener Q&A
The Saucer Afterlife- One More Question
Entering the Matrix (No, Not that One)
The Saucer Afterlife- The Matrix Revisited, Part One
Leaving the Matrix (No, Still Not that One)
The Saucer Afterlife- The Matrix Revisited, Part 2
Saucer Sasquatch Staff Outing
The Saucer Afterlife: Supernatural Bigfoot
The Nine
The Nine- Reactions and Commentary
A Point Pleasant Interlude
The Stargate Conspiracy
Reactions and Commentary: The Stargate Conspiracy
Contact with Koldas
Contact with Koldas- Comments and Reactions
Disclosure in the 90s
Disclosure in the 90s: Reactions, Comments, and a Strange Realities 2021 Preview
Levelland- Reactions and Commentary
Malaysian Creatures and Japanese Contactees

Bonus Encounters

Bonus Encounter 1: A History of UFO Crashes
Bonus Encounter 2: I Spoke with an Earth-man!
Bonus Encounter 4: Holiday Saucer Poetry Slam
Bonus Encounter 5: New Year’s Confessions of a (sort of) Man in Black
Bonus Encounter 6: “BE NORMAL!” George Adamski at Giant Rock, 1955
Bonus Encounter 7: The 2006 O’Hare Saucer Sighting
Bonus Encounter 8: Remembering Art Bell
Bonus Encounter 9: One Year
Bonus Encounter 10: The Cutting Room Floor
Bonus Encounter 11: This is Why You Should Buy Used Conspiracy Books
Bonus Encounter 12: Stanton T. Friedman
Bonus Encounter 13: 2019 in Review…in review

The Saucerless Life

001: Bigfoot and Davy Crockett