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Series One

Encounter 101: General Principles and the Story of Helen
Encounter 102: Of all the Things to Wish upon a Person–Al Bender and the Men in Black
Encounter 103: “A Creature from the Blackest Memory of your Fears”
Encounter 104: Read These Books!
Encounter 105: They Met the Space Brothers (and Sisters)
Encounter 106: “This Queen of Women was the Lady Captain!”

Series Two

Encounter 201: Will the Real OH KRILL Please Stand Up?
Encounter 202: The Saucer (Love) Life
Encounter 203: The Zine Scene, 1954 (Part One)
Encounter 204: The Zine Scene, 1954 (Part Two)
Encounter 205: Airships over America
Encounter 206: And then the Feds Showed Up…

Series Three: Mind, Body, Spirit

Encounter 301: A Good Old Fashioned Ether Frolic
Encounter 302: Ashtar Watches Over Us
Encounter 303: Read this Book- Flying Saucer Occupants
Encounter 304: Adamski Exposed! Or Not!
Encounter 305: The Robertson Panel
Encounter 306: The Saucers Spoke

Series Four: The Real(ish) World

Encounter 401: You Can’t Say that on TV
Encounter 402: The End of the World
Encounter 403: The Aftermath
Encounter 404: Unidentified Flying Candle in the Wind
Encounter 405: There’s this thing Called the Internet
Encounter 406: Do YOU Remember Lemuria?

Series Five: The 90s Strike Back!

Encounter 501: Behold a Bill Cooper
Encounter 502: The Truth! Fridays on Fox!
Encounter 503: Little Gray Men
Encounter 504: Read These 90s Books!
Encounter 505: Esotericon Saucer Interlude
Encounter 506: 1997
Encounter 507: The Hollow(ed) Earth

Series Six

Encounter 601: Me and You and a Dog Named Bo
Encounter 602: The Mysterious Case of the Lead Masks
Encounter 603: Martians from the Rear
Encounter 604: Umm…What?
Encounter 605: Africa
Encounter 606: In-Credo-Ble Stories
Encounter 607: Odds and Ends

Series Seven

Encounter 701: Bigfeet From Space
Encounter 702: Mothman Unplugged
Encounter 703: The Silver Bridge
Encounter 704: A Cold Day in West Virginia
Encounter 705: The Psychometric Express
Encounter 706: John Keel and the Mothman Prophecies
Encounter 707: An Apol a Day
Encounter 708: We’re Going to Hell for This

The New Aligned Numbering System…

Encounter 48: Watch This, Don’t Watch That
Encounter 49: The Seventies Zine Scene
Encounter 50: Listener Question Extravaganza, Part 1
Encounter 51: Listener Question Extravaganza, Part 2
Encounter 52: A Valiant Effort
Encounter 53: X Marks the Spot
Encounter 54: No Alternative
Encounter 55: Year of the Humanoids
Encounter 56: Signs of the Times
Encounter 57: Live in Halifax, 2018
Encounter 58: Songs of Saturn
Encounter 59: Space Brothers, Space Battles, and Yoga
Encounter 60- Orfeo Angelucci’s Electric Ginger Ale Acid Test
Encounter 61: Two Years!
Encounter 62: All the (Weekly World) News That’s Fit to Print
Encounter 63: The Marsh Gas Life
Encounter 64: Storm Hangar 18
Encounter 65: Contactee Mount Rushmore
Encounter 66: The Maury Island Mess
Encounter 67: Kelly-Goblinsville
Encounter 68: 90s Magazine Mixtape

Bonus Encounters

Bonus Encounter 1: A History of UFO Crashes
Bonus Encounter 2: I Spoke with an Earth-man!
Bonus Encounter 4: Holiday Saucer Poetry Slam
Bonus Encounter 5: New Year’s Confessions of a (sort of) Man in Black
Bonus Encounter 6: “BE NORMAL!” George Adamski at Giant Rock, 1955
Bonus Encounter 7: The 2006 O’Hare Saucer Sighting
Bonus Encounter 8: Remembering Art Bell
Bonus Encounter 9: One Year
Bonus Encounter 10: The Cutting Room Floor
Bonus Encounter 11: This is Why You Should Buy Used Conspiracy Books
Bonus Encounter 12: Stanton T. Friedman

The Saucerless Life

001: Bigfoot and Davy Crockett