Illuminet Press Cover Art: Some Thoughts

So in the second part of our look at MILABS, I discussed the cover:

It’s… not great. The text is weird and drop-shadowy, the alien is an unsettling color, and the whole things looks distinctly low-res. I mentioned that several Illuminet Press books had covers that were less than ideal. This one came out around the same time as Lammer’s book:

That brain looks a little squished to me. And, again, the background has a very low-resolution look to it. Older books from IP didn’t fair much better:

I always thought it was something of an odd choice to have lettering on a book cover that you need to really concentrate to read.

I get what they’re going for here, but they’re not quite pulling it off, in my opinion.

Now, this one, I’m a big fan of:

The colors are garish but eye catching and, while it does inhibit reading a bit, the color/pattern choices on the font are frenetic in a way that sort of reflects the topic, if that makes sense.

I should point out that IP had some outstanding covers as well. This is probably my favorite, although I never snagged own copy of it, having purchased the updated JFK & UFO version instead:

Finally, a very nice cover of a book that wasn’t published by Illuminet but that I always mistakenly think was: