MILABS: Part Two

NOTE: I misspoke in this episode and realized it as soon as I posted it! I am aware that the Tuskegee Experiments did not give people syphilis. My apologies.

It’s the second part of our examination of Helmut and Marion Lammer’s book MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abduction. We’ve got lots of great stuff here, including creepy reptoids, strange hypnotherapist websites, attacks on Lammer and counterattacks, and some information on whether or not Lammer still agrees with his earlier theories.

MUFON Journal, December 1996

MUFON Journal, November, 1997



  1. This was another really excellent episode- I’m glad you made it a two-parter! It was worth the listen just to hear about non-alien government mind-control. You shredded John Alexander’s dismissal on the allegations. The Constantine material is priceless. “Somebody would have come forward.” Really? To confess to participating in a series of felonies? Yeah, I knew there was something missing in my life.
    Anyone denying that conspiracies and cover-ups occur in government is either very naive or deliberately disingenuous like John Alexander.
    “Why don’t people who have been abducted just report it?” To the government? Hmmm… there must be
    some reason.
    I have one question. This episode reminds me of one you did relatively recently (last 2 years or so), about events that took place in the U.K. IIRC, the experiencer died of cancer and someone in MI-5 or MI-6 admitted that he was killed by radiation, saying (to paraphrase) “It was an accident, we gave him too much and fried him.” Does that sound familiar? Because it’s basically admission of doing things just like what Lammer is alleging.
    Finally, I could not help thinking how easy it would be, if one was a government agent participating in a ethically/legally dubious program, to make the incident seem ridiculous and unreportable by adding some “alien” aspects with basically just some high-end Halloween decorations, let alone Hollywood-level special effects and non-consensual psychadelics.
    Thanks for all you do.


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