Encounter 303: Read This Book- Flying Saucer Occupants

In this Encounter, we’re looking at an incredibly popular book from the late 1960s, Coral and Jim Lorenzen’s Flying Saucer Occupants. The stories told in this slim volume range from the weird and obscure to some that were groundshaking in their saucer significance, including the Antonio Vilas Boas case and the Betty and Barney Hill abduction. Beyond the book, we’ll be talking about the tension between saucer research and saucer popularization during the 1960s and beyond. You can still find used copies on Amazon for a decent price.

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  1. Hi! Great show. I heard about you from Binnall of America and I’m glad that there will be another great esoteric show to take its place when it finally winds down. As for UFO books for beginners, I remember reading the Uninvited by Nick Pope when I was about 12 and being able to understand it. It covers a story similar to the one in this podcast – a blonde alien having sex with a man for sperm and then goes on to how in the 80s, the alien stories changed from humanoids having sex with us to grey aliens stealing our eggs and sperm. Nick Pope’s stuff is here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Nick-Pope/e/B001KISGAC/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1?qid=1513555873&sr=8-1.


  2. first off: great show! i am an avid listener. your sense of humor and attention to detail make this podcast the amazing listen it is.

    my suggestion for a decent primer is the history of ufos series of podcasts from wheredidtheroadgo.com , which you, sir, where a HUGE part of.


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