Encounter 304: Adamski Exposed! Or Not!


Normal service has resumed here at Saucer Life Central, and today we’re looking at one of the most effective takedowns of George Adamski’s initial contactee claims (see Encounter 105 for some background on this, if you feel like you want it), the reaction from Adamski and, finally, we’ll take a quick look at Adamski’s continuing legacy, ’cause he has one.

Note-if I seem to be talking quickly this week, it’s because I accidentally deleted all of the audio files by mistake and had to re-record in a hurry!

Thanks this week once again to the fine folks at the Center for UFO Studies for their archive of early UFO ‘zines and also to the fellows over at Project Archivist for having me on to talk about the show recently.

Following up on our request for listener suggestions on introductory UFO tomes, check out Timothy Good’s Above Top Secret, and Nick Pope’s The Uninvited. I would add Howard Blum’s Out There, especially relevant given current news of government interest in the subject.


  1. I’ve just started listening to “The Saucer Life,” after enjoying your interviews on Radio Misterioso and Binnall of America. Perhaps I’m your only listener in China! I teach English to college students in Kunming, one time home to the Flying Tigers and the 14th Army Air Force.

    Keep up the good work, and if politics turn *really* bad in the US, remember, there is no extradition from China.

    Lester Ness

    PS: for some reason, I cannot download episode 201, about Krill.


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