Encounter 401- You Can’t Say that on Television

We’re starting our fourth batch of episodes and, to get you the best quality (ha!) possible, we’re going to be bi-weekly for the foreseeable future. This time around, we’re examining stories in which the saucer life touches real life, mundane life in some way. First up, Donald Keyhoe’s appearance on Armstrong’s Circle Theater. Is it a tale of government coverup, or a tale of a saucer organization manipulating its members’ paranoia for its own purposes? Maybe there’s no reason it can’t be both…

Check out Richard Hall’s 2005 article on the incident. Audio of the show, along with a whole lot of other stuff, can be found on this page of the Internet Archive. The Armstrong program we discuss here is item #5. Much appreciation to Wendy Connors’s Faded Discs project and all those involved with it. You can purchase a copy of Keyhoe’s 1960 book in which he gives his account at Amazon, with prices starting very cheaply indeed for vintage hardback copies.

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Twitter: @saucerlife
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