Encounter 406: Do YOU Remember Lemuria?

We’re finishing off Series 4 by increasing the pace of releases from every two weeks to every ten days or so. We think this will be sustainable, so hang on! Weekly would be ideal but, alas, our production team have day jobs…

This time we look at notions of the hollow earth and their connections to flying saucer tales. Come along with Symmes, Shaver, Byrd, and Lockwood as we hop down the rabbit hole.

Next time, The 90s Strike Back and we will Behold a Pale Cooper…

The Amazing Stories issue featuring “I Remember Lemuria!” (at the Internet Archive)

Dennis Crenshaw’s article on the “lost” diary of Admiral Bird

Dr. Wendy Lockwood’s theories on “The Hollow North”

Website: saucerlife.com
Twitter: @saucerlife
Instagram: saucerlife



  1. Re hollow earth books, I recall reading my grandfather’s copy of a book called “The Hollow Earth” and talking about it with him at the time (he thought it was interesting, I thought it was BS). Since he died in 1969 and I had only learned to read a few years before that, this would have been sometime in the mid-1960s. According to Wikipedia and Amazon, “The Hollow Earth” by “Dr. Raymond Bernard” was published in 1964, although Amazon’s hardcover edition was published in1979. I don’t know if it is the same book or what the publication history is.


    • I wonder if Raymond Bernard was the hollow earth author who showed up in the opening of the movie The Mole People? I need to look that up when I get a chance.


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