Encounter 505: Esotericon Saucer Interlude

Top (l to r): Ryan Sprague, Micah Hanks, and Walter Bosley; Left: Greg Bishop; Right: Tim Binnall


We’re taking a quick break from the 1990s to break our no guests rule and ask five great writers/ thinkers/podcasters/pals about their favorite flying saucer story. I was able to spend some time with Tim Binnall, Greg Bishop, Walter BosleyMicah Hanks, and Ryan Sprague, and at Esotericon in Halifax recently and got their pick for favorite saucer story. I’ve linked them to where best to find them above, and I encourage you to check out their work!

Thanks also to Paul Kimball and Winter Light Productions for hosting the event. Audio was recorded, from what I understand, and when the talks (which included all of the above as well as Paul’s Haunted co-star Holly Stevens and STANTON T. FRIEDMAN) are available, I’ll be sure to point you in their direction.

Website: saucerlife.com
Twitter: @saucerlife
Instagram: saucerlife


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