Encounter 604: Umm…What?

To Spain! And France a little, but mostly…to Spain!

The Ummo Affair is, in my opinion, one of the most bizarre and intriguing events in saucer history. Contacteeism, physical evidence, hoaxing, the ultra-rare admission and explanation of the purpose of the hoax, credible skepticism about that explanation, and–of course–those who think it’s still real and say so on Twitter.

Note: There are some static-y sounds at various points, sorry about that!

UMMO Sciences

UMMO Sciences on Twitter

Jacques Vallee’s Revelations

Kindle editions of UFO Contact from Planet UMMO: Volume 1 and Volume 2

Scott Corrales’s Inexplicata: The Journal of HIspanic UFOlogy. An interview with Corrales on UMMO can be found in Wake Up Down There!, an anthology of articles from Excluded Middle.

Website: saucerlife.com
Twitter: @saucerlife
Instagram: saucerlife



  1. Great, as usual! The UMMO hoax is even more amusing than Cedric’s last week. Could the UMMI corpus itself have cranked out by a program stringing together cliché phrases & UMMO words? With a l mittle editing by Corvallis?


  2. Note that the UMMO sign looks like the astro symbol for the planet Uranus, a capital H (for Herschel, the discoverer) surimposed on a capital I.


  3. Good episode, BUT… IMO tackling the UMMO subject without addressing the Voronezh sighting of 1989 –in which witnesses saw the entities wearing that same symbol– feels to me a bit incomplete.


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