Encounter 607: Odds, Ends, and Updates

For every episode of The Saucer Life, there are stories, comments, and ideas that I either am not able to fit into the show or (more often) I don’t think of until after it’s done. As a palate cleanser before finishing up our globetrotting with a trip to Asia, we’re going to revisit some of the people, concepts, and events from a few of our first 46 episodes including…

…Milton Billy Cooper’s dumbest idea ever!

…A bonus Cooper clip following the close of the show!

…Some additional thoughts on colonialism and indigenous peoples within the world of the paranormal

…Some silliness from the good Doctor Boylan

…A Man in Black story from Gray Barker

…And more!

Books mentioned in this encounter:

Playing Indian by Philip J. Deloria; E.T. Culture: Anthropology in Outer Spaces, edited by Debbora Battaglia; The Silver Bridge by Gray Barker

Website: saucerlife.com
Twitter: @saucerlife
Instagram: saucerlife


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