A Valiant Effort

The “Reverend” “Doctor” Frank E. Stranges, in the 1950s and 60s, gave us one of the greatest gifts ever. Valiant Thor–a space commander who met with government officials, giving them a message of love and peace. Any similarity to The Day The Earth Stood Still is purely, I assume, coincidental.

In this episode we’re going to examine the work of Frank Stranges, including the Valiant Thor saga, his religious teachings and THE RING OF FIRE ritual.

Adam Gorightly’s article on Stranges’s connection to Ray Broshears is here. And be sure to check out the new book from Gorightly and Greg Bishop, A is for Adamski. And check out the Valiant Thor Fan Club as well as the still-extant NICUFO site.

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  1. Stranges and George King seemed to have a credentialism log rolling things going on for a time. Stranges bestowed various religious and academic honors on King. King received the 1981 “Minister of the Year” award from Stranges’ International Evangelism Crusades. Stranges also bestowed that honor on his wife in 2006. Both King and Stranges were what I believe Penn Jillette refers to as “leather sniffers”. These are people who are not cops but really, really want to be. King and Stranges both claimed honors and titles from a group called the American Federation of Police and Concerned Citizens. Basically this is a kind of diploma mill (and was for a time an actual diploma mill for real cops who wanted to add PhD to their name for promotion). You pay x amount of money and purchase some kind of title. King and Stranges both seem to have purchased Chaplain titles. My own communication with the group indicates, however, they only have one official chaplain working for them (usually plucked from some crazed off shoot of the Catholic Church). You can go down a whole rabbit hole with the American Federation of Police. Basically they take in donations and give very, very little out. It’s a way of low level politicians who want to seem like they’re tough on crime and totally behind the Boys in Blue to bone up their resumes by dropping the AFPCC on their resumes.

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