Orfeo Angelucci’s Electric Ginger Ale Tablet Test

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While we often get requests to cover this or that topics–Orfeo Angelucci’s contact experiences and writings may be the most often requested. His two books, The Secret of the Saucers and Son of the Sun are very much part of the Adamski-inspired tradition but with some interesting twists including ginger ale, weird tablets, the FBI, Venusians calling themselves “Bill,” confusing narrative structures, and Venusian nightclubs.

Secret of the Saucers may be read at Sacred Texts.

“Long John Nebel Presents the Flying Saucer Story” may be found on Youtube.

Angelucci’s first version of his story, from his “Twentieth Century Times” newsletter may be found at Mark Russell Bell’s blog.

Mystic Magazine #1 from November 1953, which includes Angelucci’s story, may be found at the Internet Archive. The August, 1954 issue featuring Howard Vest’s account of Bill the Venusian may be found via the Archives for the Unexplained.

Citations from FBI files in this episode were made possible by the work of The Black Vault.

The Astonishing Legends show did an episode on Angelucci in 2017–I’ve not listened to it but the more Orfeo the better!

Mark Pilkington’s article on Angelucci’s Acid Test.

Nick Redfern’s speculation on Angelucci as MK-Ultra test subject.

Other books mentioned in this episode (not including shady reprint options of Angelucci’s books) are available on Amazon:

Shockingly Close to the Truth by Moseley
The Way Out World by Nebel
The Man from Mars: Ray Palmer’s Amazing Pulp Journey by Nadis

I also, just for fun, put together a little overview of how I made this episode here.

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