90s Magazine Mixtape

Yes, that tape recorder was used in the making of this episode, at the suggestion of Associate Producer Simpson Hanover. THUS–the audio sounds….like it was recorded on a tape recorder. Although, it’s an exceptionally high quality tape recorder.

In this episode we return to the 90s and return to our Zine Scene strand of episodes, with a great and hopefully surprising or intriguing selection.

Reading and resources
I can’t remember exactly where I got my PDFs of those old Art Bell newsletters. I assume Google can lead you to some sinister source for them.
Flying Saucer Review, Spring 1992 and Autumn, 1992 (via nufors.com)
Steamshovel Press,  Groom Lake Desert Rat, and Notes from The Hangar (via Archives for the Unexplained)
Wake Up Down There! The Excluded Middle Anthology at Amazon and Adventures Unlimited Press.

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