The Saucer Afterlife: Controlling a New World

Some brief thoughts on a recent UFO book viewed through the eyes of a man who has recently spent too much time thinking about The Controllers.

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  1. Aaron, I listened to your admission, but your position is still not completely clear to me. After recognizing that your evaluation of Whitley’s new book has been overly influenced by your recent immersion in “The Controllers,” are you pulling back from the manipulation diagnosis, or are you sticking with it anyway?


    • Heh—I’m not entirely sure of my position either. I still lean toward some kind of manipulation, but I now question whether or not my leaning that way is due to immersing myself in mind control stuff. I guess I have a heightened awareness of my own biases, if that makes sense.


      • Sure, what you said makes sense. At the same time, another possibility seems hard to dismiss out of hand: imagination or fancy. A chip that floats about in one’s eyeball and projects text messages sounds far out, to say the least! I admit that I’m neither a technician nor someone with an intelligence background, but I would be amazed if that specific, intra-eyeball, technology turned out to be real. Yet while I would never think of suggesting to Whitley that he has been imagining being in communication with his late wife, I’m positive I’m not the only one who suspects that he may very well be doing so.


  2. Whitley Strieber. Oy! (hand slapping forehead) You are far more gracious and charitable than me when it comes to his brand of claptrap. Although, it is poignant (and tugs at my heart strings) that he started to see that Courier font in his field of vision after Ann died (very close to misting over here). Grief can manifest in so many different ways. I believe the only thing “controlling” him is his own broken heart. Okay. I’m cutting him some slack on this one because I’m basically a blubbering romantic. Let’s keep that between us.

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