The Saucer Afterlife: The Strange but Mild Beauty of a Luminous Feeler

Something that was cut from our Dan Fry episode: here is a delightful bit from We Come in Peace! A Martian Lands in Austria.

I found this excerpt in an article from the BSRA.


  1. I agree that the alleged encounter seemed more spiritual than E.T. Then again, there are those who equate angel and alien manifestations in general. For example, the experience of Ezekiel is sometimes regarded in that way. Others, of course, flip the script and consider aliens to be demons in disguise.

    Do you think the anonymity of the witness is responsible for the testimony not gaining traction, or were the reasons more historical or sociological?


      • Did the publisher of this account have a narrower reach than the publishers of the other contactees? I know you mentioned that it was a minor publisher, but then I thought you qualified this statement by saying that it was minor relative to mainstream publishers, rather than to publishers of contactee experiences.


      • From what I was able to find, Franklin Thomas, the publisher and owner of New Age Publishers died in 1959 so the stuff they published dropped out of circulation. Also, my impression is that they were much more focused on more broadly spiritualist and metaphysical stuff than Saucer/UFO material–White Sands Incident looks to have been his major “crossover” hit, and Fry’s excessively nuts and bolts approach is certainly at odds with the spiritualism Thomas usually focused on!

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