Ceto’s New Friends

Perhaps one of the most infamous UFO books of the 1990s, in this episode we examine whether or not Leah Haley’s children’s book Ceto’s New Friends deserves its reputation or the vitriol with which it was met upon its release. We’ll also touch on the wider issue of children and UFOs–particularly a decidedly odd seminar that apparently took place in 2000.

The video where I look at some of the illustrations is here!


Gray Highway at Amazon

Ceto’s New Friends is available used at various places including Amazon.



  1. Hi,
    Wonderful podcast! You said there was a link to the video where you look at the book and its images. and that the link was in the show description I don’t see it on Google play at all in the show notes? Could you please post that here or email me thank you!


  2. I’m sure you remember “Children of the Damned”? The kids in this book bear some resemblance to the ones in the movie.


    Dr. Boylan is quite a character! (Apparently, at one point he lost his license to practice psychotherapy, due to indiscretions.) The agenda he described at the Starkids retreat would probably appeal only to the most committed within a certain subculture of the UFO community.

    Is he to be more respected if he truly believes the things he preaches?


    • Yeah, the “hot tub therapy” incident was fun! He really does seem to believe what he discusses, including being a sort of representative from Earth to the Galactic Council!


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