Dark Skies

It’s our first interview! We’re talking with Matthew Kresal, who wrote a volume on the classic 90s show Dark Skies for Obverse Books’s Silver Archive range on classic cult television. Whether you’re familiar with the show or not, we hope you find the interview enjoyable! Also, keep in mind that I’ve never interviewed anyone before…

It looks like Amazon has some used copies of the Dark Skies DVD set. You can purchase Matthew’s book directly from the publisher in either traditional or ebook formats. Matthew is on Twitter and has a page on Facebook, and we thank him very much for being on the show!



  1. For several days I declined to listen to the episode as I had never watched the show. But eventually – head slap – it dawned on me that I had neither seen nor read just about everything you’ve covered in the The Saucer Life. And as for it being an interview, I listen to interviews all the time on other podcasts. So, I went ahead and listened to it.

    After listening, I became so inspired that I’ve set out to obtain the series through “alternate means.”

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