Above Black, Beyond Belief

In this episode, we’ll be looking at Dan Sherman and his book Above Black: Project Preserve Destiny, in which he tells the story of his communications with extraterrestrials as an Intuitive Communicator for the National Security Agency. There’s also the most ludicrous bookselling scheme ever.
A whole load of links to Dan Sherman resources
Above Black at Amazon (Amazon purchases help support the show, but try your local library first!)



  1. An atypical whistleblower, indeed. I agree with you that the pedestrian, yet highly detailed, quality of his narrative suggests that he really was involved with something military-related and unusual. Also, like you, I’m unsure of the nature of his experience.

    When he said his communications rose to the next level, was he referring to some sort of telepathic communication? And if so, was that, and the testimony of his superiors, the only reasons he had for concluding that the minds he was in contact with were those of aliens. I don’t recall you saying that he ever saw an alien with his corporeal eyes.

    It can’t be ruled out that telepathy among humans is possible. Alternatively, we previously noted the allegation of a technology that can “beam” speech directly to the brain. So, Sherman could conceivably have had telepathic, or pseudo-telepathic, contact with humans rather than aliens.

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    • Yes, this was all “noncorporeal” communication unless I misunderstood something! And the “messages” from Spock and Bones were not necessarily very “Alien”–they were sort of generic aliens if that makes sense.

      The pills though–that was just odd. It all seems way more terrestrial than ET to me. But like I said, I tend to go to that well a bit too often!

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  2. The description of his state when receiving messages reminded me a lot of when I would copy morse code in amateur radio! As far as the pills, maybe microdosing to heighten sensitivity?

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  3. Above Black, Beyond Belief is the first post Star Trek contactee book I have heard some one else read to me. Thank you.
    Also think how galaxy brained a post Marvel Cinematic universe contactee narrative or a post Harry Potter one would read like. (Shivers uncomfortably).


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