The Terra Papers (and beyond)

On this episode we’re going to look at The Terra Papers by Robert Morningsky, who claimed connections between alien beings, Native American lore, and…um…every single mythological and religious tradition on Earth. And he talked about the Hale Bopp comet too. Because it was the mid-90s.


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  1. Morningsky and Telano both seem to be Sci-Fi writers at heart who, for some reason, decided to package their stories as real experiences or histories. I would like to be able to say that the contemporary UFO community is too sophisticated to fall for such fantastical tales, but alas I cannot.

    Michael Jaco claims he was a SEAL for 24 years then with the CIA for 11. He talks about the Secret Space Program and fighting rock creatures on Jupiter or one of its moons. They defeated them by hitting them with a pulse weapon from two different directions. He mentioned flying craft that you telepathically link to. He said they have a greater ability to work through problems than the Nazis who are too hardcore.

    Virtually every commentator appears to have accepted this account hook, line and sinker.

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