Read These Books. Now! Well, soon!

We’re looking at some great books–some old, some very new–that shed light in one way or another on flying saucers and related fun. You can get the books at the links below and, in doing so, help support the show.

Casebook on the Men in Black by Jim Keith

Republic of Lies by Anna Merlan

Saucers, Spooks, and Kooks by Adam Gorightly

Kooks by Donna Kossy

A shorter episode this week, for reasons (good reasons!) I mention in the episode. Thanks, as always, for listening.



  1. Just starting on the Gorightly book. Had to stop a bit as was cracking up at ‘this enigma of excised bovine bungholes’.

    Got a copy of Kooks many years ago. Really good, strange fun! First time I read about the UFO beliefs of the Nation of Islam, and who can forget the section called ‘Men can have babies’?

    Just dug out my copy – check out Ray Crabtree: The Philosophy King (around page 155) – he was an early Donald Trump obsessive worshipper, damn, that’s spooky.

    Have you read any of Jim Schnabel’s books? He was an American writer who popped up in the 90s and released three books on weirdness. Round in Circles was a comedy look at the crop circle scene in England (imagine a sort of Bill Bryson does weirdos-type of book), Dark White about alien abductions and then a chunky tome on Remote Viewers. At which point he seemed to have vanished but apparently does more mainstream science journalism these days. He was also the writer for this documentary on ‘America’s Psychic Spies’ which was shown on Channel 4 in the UK as part of the Equinox science series:


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