King David’s Granddaughter and the Shapeshifting Lizard People

The title says it all, really. The devil, lizard people, the New World Order, and a rare personal story of an encounter with the subject of our episode. It’s Sherry Shriner time–the episode I’ve put off forever!

One of her many websites

Tim Binnall reviews Ms. Shriner’s appearance on the Jeff Rense Program

And a quick addendum:


  1. Aaron, I know you may be a bit biased due to having once been in Sherrie’s crosshairs, but do you find yourself sometimes admiring the intricacy and brazenness of certain conspiracy theories, from a strictly aesthetic point of view? I found the audacity, outlandishness, and synthetic breadth of Ms. Shriner’s world-view as hilariously magnificent!

    You were obviously correct in backing down after her threat as she probably could have sicced one or more of her believers on you. Though you had still better hope that she REALLY ISN’T The Daughter of God! lol

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  2. Great stuff, as usual!
    Howsabout a two part Cecil B. Demill-esque episode with a cast of thousands on the Italian Friendship Case?!?!


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