Entering the Matrix (No, Not that One)- Part One

Once upon a time, I thought about doing an episode where I talked about all (five, now) “Matrix” books by the semi-mysterious Val Valerian. But one is enough. And it’s the one that’s most in line with the topics we cover on the show any way. We have met Val Valerian before, notably in our episode on OH Kril, but this is…the undiluted full dose, so to speak.

This is a massive book–we’ll conclude our deep dive next time! Also, please send in any questions about this episode and we’ll address them on the upcoming Saucer Afterlife installment.



  1. You absolved your present and past employers of abduction and mind control, but an alert listener will realize that you carefully omitted murder. And as we know, coincidences are no longer a thing.


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