A Point Pleasant Interlude

Watch me poking around some bunkers in the TNT area on YouTube!

I took an impromptu trip to Mothman Country this week, so here’s a little bit about that in lieu of the scheduled Stargate Conspiracy episode (which will appear next week).

I’ll talk about the Mothman Museum, an interesting book I picked up there, paranormal tourism, and a story about something weird that happened to me in the TNT Area. Not necessarily paranormal, just… weird.

Some links-

Tim Binnall talks to Allison Jornlin about the Chicago “Mothman.”

The Mothman Museum

And I’ll be speaking at the Strange Realities conference this October!



  1. Hi. Three observations:

    1. More Saucer Wife, please. She’s awesome.
    2. I wouldn’t drive a big black Caddy on a gravel road if I didn’t have to. Old people wouldn’t have to, so it was definitely MIB.
    3. Thanks for the tip about the Mothman Museum. Next time I’m down by the river I’ll visit.


  2. Wow, excellent episode! I had to listen to the cadillac story a couple of times to fully appreciate it. This a real departure from your usual rather academic, at-arm’s-length discussion (which I do also enjoy throughly). It seems like you’ve been gazing into the abyss for a while… and something gazed back! Your experience reminded me, obviously, of John Keel going there to professionally “get to the bottom of this” and ending up dealing with all sorts of strangeness that could not be explained, but could not be dismissed. I would note that, whatever they are (and I believe they come in about 7 different kinds), the Men In Black are extremely INEFFECTIVE at their purported mission of “silencing” UFO witnesses. Their actions usually spread attention to the UFO sighting. Almost never (that we know of) is anyone actually silenced… almost like that wasn’t really their mission. Thank you very much for sharing your experience! See you at Strange Realities.


  3. Possibility 1 – The tint on the windows prevented you from seeing the occupants distinctly, and there was turnoff you didn’t notice.

    Possibility 2 – Your investigations and research are becoming enough of a threat to TPTB that they are trying to mess with your mind a la Bennewitz. To that end, they placed a couple of mannequins in a Caddy driven via remote control, and then swiftly airlifted it away with a powerful electromagnet.

    I’m going with #2 as the most plausible explanation.


  4. The self-comforting conclusion you stated and apparently believed, that “they” “weren’t after” “you” is so implausible it’s hard to imagine we heard it on your broadcast, a paranormal broadcast. “They” completed their assigned task rest assured. You were by yourself. You have zero external metrics for accurately estimating much less determining the passage of “time” within your encounter or what events occurred between your recollections of the two vehicles passing. More available pull-off area on one side of the road, very little on the other especially for a motorcar of any size, also only other roads intersecting on one side of you. Do you suppose “they” were able to obtain what information was required of you by simply passing by, or perhaps that there’s a lengthier version of events that, for whatever reason, you, a paranormal journalist, seemingly have not yet entertained. Seems a tad off that an individual so entwined with worthless documentation of false encounters can rest their head calmly on their Davenport recalling and even retelling their memory of the event to your loved one and your tuned-in broadcast listeners without ever once having so much as a suspicion arise that there could have been more to happen than what you’re able to remember and the time-duration longer? Your luggage was not muddied? No feelings of gazing down upon the top of an apple fruit tree growing to the West of a pond? Later-recalled events are so prevalent in your line of “work” yet you Aaron have a mind that for some reason did not alert you to the possibility of there being more to this event than you are able to initially remember? And you were intrigued by it enough to share with other people? Have you not fully finished thinking about this?


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