Contact with Koldas

(Pictured is Carl Van Vlierden, author)

So in this episode, we’re taking a look at UFO Contact from Planet Koldas, another contactee book from the editorship of Wendelle Stevens. It’s an interesting one, in some ways but very, very long so… in lieu of exhaustive detail, we looked at elements that I found particularly amusing or different from most contactee tales.



  1. I do have a couple of questions about this one. You reported that there were supposed to have been several sizable groups of people who listened to the alleged Koldasian broadcasts. So, is there any record of such people, e.g., a contactee community centered on the alien radio transmissions? And what about the Swiss colonists who were supposedly taken off world, either to later return, or in some instances remain on another planet? Even if the radio audience or would-be colonists were duped or deluded, there should be some record of their having existed. And if there is no record, how would Stevens or Van Vlierden account for that?

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  2. Strange are the ways of intelligence. Absurdity is always there and it is our closest contact with the cosmos.
    To show yourself and not prove yourself; this is The Elite Husbandry Hypothesis.


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