Malaysian Creatures and Japanese Contactees

Today, we journey to the Eastern Hemisphere and look at some stories from Malaysia (tiny humanoids!) and Japan (Contactee Kids!). These resources are available from the amazing collection of the Archives for the Unexplained and I urge you to lose a few hours delving into strange UFO literature from around the world.



  1. I am intrigued by the testimony that Adamski believers in Japan achieved some measure of realization or enlightenment through his philosophical teachings. Recent Western philosophy is mostly analytical and usually lacks a practical component, but I have been reading about the ancient philosophies of Neoplatonism and Stoicism which had a different character. They both aimed at learning how to live better lives, and Neoplatonism in particular aimed for personal transcendence.

    Did Adamski himself teach a practical philosophy for achieving enlightenment, or did his Japanese believers extrapolate such a philosophy independently?


  2. The reference to “little people” reminded me of the Irwin Allen show “Land of the Giants” from the late ’60s. I’m surprised you didn’t mention it. May be a little before your time. It was about a futuristic craft from 1968 America getting lost in a time warp to an earth-like Eastern block style world. The characters can be carried in the hand by the “giants”. Hey, it’s got Deanna Lund!


    • I’ve never watched the show, but I’m familiar with it- somehow I ended up with a “Land of the Giants” lunchbox when I was a kid. It’s probably worth some money at this point…


  3. Is there any reference to the Japanese newsletter in the files of the American saucer groups like MUFON? Is it possible the reports were deemed inconsequential or dubious even by their contemporaries?


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