Questions and Comments- The Janos People Part 2

A bit early due to the Thanksgiving holiday here in the States! Apologies, but the Saucer Wife was unable to attend but she’ll be back in the near future with her thoughts on the Janos People!




  1. Can’t find anything on the Red Alert movie being shown in the UK, but was very likely as most American TV films turned up here eventually. Did come across a documentary about nuclear power, also called Red Alert and broadcast on the BBC in 1977:

    You mentioned the Star Trek influences on the Janos ship, could it be possible that the witnesses/hypnotist were also influenced a bit by Blakes 7? First episode was shown in Jan 1978. Big chairs and baggy 1970s costumes… Loved Blakes 7 – have got my Raspberry Pi in a see-through case, it looks like a miniature Orac…

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