George Adamski’s Cosmic Philosophy

In this episode we’re looking at the philosophical ideas of George Adamski, such as they are. Key to helping our understand was a George Adamski site from the Netherlands, which is full of valuable material and links. If you’re an Adamski fan, it’s well worth checking out for a sympathetic and supportive view of his work.



  1. I think you did better than you gave yourself credit for, and I really appreciate your effort. You couldn’t be expected to present a college type course on his teachings. But you did enable listeners to catch the gist of it.
    As far as the substance of his teachings, it appears to be a re-working of the neo-theosophy and “Universal Progressive Christianity” he preached in his pre-contact days.

    Once again, I was impressed by the enthusiasm of the lady who introduced him; she regarded his ideas as powerful and inspiring. Arthur Lovejoy offered a possible explanation as to why some people are attracted to sophisticated sounding mumbo jumbo.

    “The reader doesn’t know exactly what they mean, but they have all the more on that account an air of sublimity; an agreeable feeling at once of awe and of exaltation comes over him as he contemplates thoughts of so immeasurable a profundity—their profundity being convincingly evidenced to him by the fact that he can see no bottom to them.”

    For some, precisely BECAUSE the words are not comprehensible, they seem brilliant.

    That said, I must begrudgingly give Adamski a measure of credit. Apparently, his formal education ended with the third grade, yet despite this disability, he (1) wrote several books and manuals, (2) gathered a substantial international following, lasting to the present, and (3) by kicking off the contactee “movement”, earned himself a place not just in UFO history, but in history in general.

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  2. Is Curtis Peebles reliable? If so, then Adamski had something in common with L Ron Hubbard. The latter infamously is alleged to have started Scientology in order to get rich. Well, according to Peebles, when Adamski’s wine making business went south, he later told two friends that’s when he “had to get into this [flying] saucer crap.”

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  3. On what then should we attribute Adamski’s popularity on the saucer circles, given the evident shallowness of his philosophy? His inherent charisma? Natural magnetism?

    And did his charm work on members of the female gender more than with males?

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  4. As soon as I realized you were actually reading Adamski’s philosophy, I wanted to shout, “No Aaron! Adamski’s philosophy is like the Necronomicon- it’s cool to read ABOUT, but you don’t actually read it, lest you drive yourself mad!” Adamski’s philosophy is literary sominex. Whatever experiences he did or did not have, he had to put his words in the mouths of the Space Brothers to get anyone to listen.


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