MILABS: Part One

MILABS: Military Mind Control and Alien Abductions by Helmut and Marion Lammer is an exceptionally difficult and expensive book to find. Thankfully, loyal listener Mark P gifted me this copy on the condition that I do an episode about it. Well, he’s going to get two, because in Part One here we didn’t even get to the book itself.




  1. This is a really excellent episode. You managed to combine both a fascinating, realistic explanation for some parts of the abduction phenomenon with highly entertaining inside ufology material. Helmut and Marion Lammer posit a series of government operations that, at minimum, could have happened and raise a lot of interesting questions. And then there’s the incredible nerve of Victoria Alexander. While I doubt the allegations of vampirism, I have to say that if my spouse was a retired colonel and government scientist specializing in non-lethal weapons, the topics of abductions (military or alien), implants, and the black budget would be things of which I would at least pretend to be blissfully unaware. She has the tone of a drug lord’s wife running for sheriff. Also, allegations of being attention-seeking don’t come off well when one’s spouse has a social media biography that makes him sound like Indiana Jones mixed with Chuck Norris. One last thing- maybe I’m paranoid, but why is this book so hard to find when Whitley Strieber’s Communion is on the shelves of Barnes and Noble right now? I’m certainly looking forward to next week!

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  2. Alien Abductions vs. Military Abductions

    …Apple vs Android? My mind works weird.

    Alien abductions come off as more streamlined, and abductees seem to hold themselves as a bit of status symbol. Round and smooth esthetic. Very ‘rich’ feeling.

    Yet military abductions come off as more gritty. Straight lines, corners, angles, accompanying a jaring and loud experience.

    It’s humorous to me how the differences of abductions compare.
    ” *Oooohhh. Ahhh..* I was taken into space! I was chosen to be gifted this important bit of knowledge.” vs. “Yeah, I was injected with a mysterious substance and taken underground and roughed up.”

    Also, it’s interesting to me that alien abductions commonly seem to heavily focus on bright lights, and military abductions seem to feature loud sounds. ie: helicopters and shouting.
    What makes one lean more toward visual, and the other more toward auditory?

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