Listener Feedback: Shoichi Harukawa

We address some listener comments and questions on our recent episode about Shoichi Harukawa and take a look down the road at what’s coming up on the show!



  1. How did I ever miss Project UFO?? Been binging on it all morning. Major league 70s. Thanks for mentioning the show on your delightful podcast! Lynn Kaufman

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  2. Re: The Interdimensional Venus explanation. Not sure if you’re familiar with the Dan Dare comic stories from the UK. A staple of the 1950s in the Eagle comic, they featured stiff upper lip hero Dan Dare battling his nemesis, the Mekon from Venus. The Mekon was basically a stereotypical UFO alien who floated round on a hovering mini saucer.

    After the original Eagle died off they did a rebooted version in the 80s, only this time the story featured Dan Dare’s great grandson, and it was set in (I think) the 22nd century. Problem was that by the 80s we’d had numerous probes visiting Venus showing its desolation so how could they bring back the Mekon? Easy, they had a flashback where the Mekon ordered his minions to broadcast false information to the Earth satellites and probes, convincing Earth that Venus is a hellscape and not merely a desert full of conquest-mad green dudes. Amusingly the long story they did featuring the return of the Venusian hordes also had an episode where Dan Dare is framed as a traitor to Earth, as the Mekon uses a ‘vision synthesiser’ to construct a fake video of Dare being all treacherous. Deep fakes prediction bang on!

    (Quick note for comics fans, yep there was also an attempt to reboot Dan Dare in early editions of 2000AD, but it wasn’t very popular compared to the new strips like Judge Dredd and the Harlem Heroes).


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