Morris K. Jessup

We begin our epic look at the Philadelphia Experiment with the man whose experiences got the ball rolling on this narrative, Morris K. Jessup. This is (I think) our longest Saucer Life episode ever, so hold on tight.


  1. Possibly the best episode of the year so far. It showed me how erroneous my preconceptions of Jessup –whom I always assumed of as a “scientist” partially interested in UFOs– were. The parallels between him and James McDonald are inn my opinion hard to escape: both brilliant but troubled men who probably never found a way to handle their obsession with UFOs in a healthy way, and whose untimely demise have triggered myriads of senseless conspiracies. I know how much you admire Barker so I can only imagine how difficult it was for you to appraise the sleazy way in which he exploited Jessup’s death for financial gain.

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  2. So was Mr Jessup the first in print to link UFO’s to ancient “super-science”, long before convicted con-man Erich Von Daniken popularised it? His interests in ancient south-american civilisations, astronomy and UFO’s must have pre-disposed him to come up with this theory.

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  3. This was a sad episode to listen to, I admit I had to listen to it twice to fully grasp everything that was happening- yes definitely challenging subject matter. I think the saddest part is the impression that Jessup is best remembered because of how he was used by other’s as a sounding board rather than his own work. As Carl Allen’s contact, the sounding board for the Vero edition’s commentators, a martyr to the cause and a ghost to be channeled. Even in a Jessup episode in which we learned a lot about the person we learned little about his work.

    Some speculation:

    All that talk about mind control – on point for an era that ultimately brought us the Manchurian candidate.
    LM = Light Masters?
    SM = Shadow Masters?
    Commentators A, B, & Jemi? = Alpha, Beta, Gamma?

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  4. Most interested in listening 🙂 I have written a considerable amount about Jessup and the Varo Edition,If you are interested;

    All about Jessup;

    The Varo Edition and Naval Interest;

    Carl’s Original Letters to Jessup started the Philadelphia Experiment;

    Morris Ketchum Jessup as a Fortean

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