The Strange Case of Carlos Allende

The man who wrote those letters; who annotated The Case for the UFO… Who was he? We try and figure out what people have decided and come up with some interesting stories about the man himself as well as of the ongoing development of the Philadelphia Experiment saga.
Note: there’s some dead air after the closing music; yes, I know it’s there!


  1. Great job on this one. I could almost hear the cogs inside your head starting to screech by the end of the recording, getting too overwhelmed by the maniacal influence of Carl/os Allen/de.

    Allende was clearly a brilliant bamboozler who probably tried to bask in the questionable notoriety his sad little life ever managed to enjoy until the very end. But in truth, can we blame him for the way his tall tales have managed to endure and blossom for so many decades? All this kind of reinforces my suspicions that many things in the world of UFOlogy (perhaps even UFOs themselves) are some sort of ‘memetic virus’ that spread around from brain to brain.

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  2. Briefly excited to have something in my library (the Steiger book) which was not in yours. My copy proudly has “35c” written on it in red marker, being what I paid for it in the early to mid 1990s.

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  3. Carl Allen and his various personas and compulsive obfuscation seems like something that crawled straight out of the pages of John Keel’s work.

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