Al, Preston, a Chair, and a Monster

So this is it: the final end to our Philadelphia Experiment adventure. The Al Bielek/Montauk development of the story has always been daunting to me; I don’t have the affection for the Al Bielek Coast To Coast episodes that a lot of people do. I have a hard time following the twists and turns of the story. I hope, in this episode, that in making it clear in my own mind, I’ve made it clear for you as well!
Send in your comments and questions! I’ll get to them next week and I’ll also be talking a little about a few books that either arrived too late or were a little too tangential to include in the main episodes.
The defunct-but-archived Bielek Debunked website has a good account of tracking down the facts behind the Cameron family here.


  1. There’s an ‘engineer named Bielek’, mentioned as a friend of Ivan T Sanderson in Jacques Vallee’s Forbidden Science Vol I (14 may 1967, page 263). Vallee says of him ‘He throws the most extraordinary hypotheses around, but ever bothers to develop them or to resolve their contradictions’ – sounds like the same guy!

    Re: the time-travel Jesus clone blood thing. I know the topic has been done to death in sci-fi, but the story reminded me a bit of Michael Moorcock’s Behold the Man. A somewhat short, dark tale on the idea of time-travelling to the beginnings of Christianity.

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    • Too bad I can’t recommend to you the massive book series Caballo de Troya by Spanish author J.J. Benitez, which basically centers around that same idea (time travel 30 A.D. to meet Jesus). I love those books but unfortunately they’ve never been translated to English


  2. I have written a large amount about the Sci-Fi story of “The Montauk Project” I have had boots on the ground at Montauk and in the radar building, and other parts of the complex, before it was all sealed off. I have seen Preston’s “Space-Time Labs” aka a dilapidated shed in his backyard with nice vintage RF gear.. I so love the story of using billion-dollar teleportation technology for beer runs…Interestingly the working title of “Stranger Things” was “Montauk” I was told this during a casting interview for the “Dark Files” epp on Montauk.

    Here is some sensible reading material on the subject I wrote;

    Here is various images of the base before all the entrances were sealed (cemented over / barricaded.) I have over 100 photos and may add more to the below images over time;

    If you just want to skip to the craziness;

    I am in the process of absorbing and revamping “Al Bielek Debunked” with permission;

    For the full transcript of the January 13th, 1990, Mufon Conference Metroplex in Dallas TX with Al Bielek as the speaker (and other conferences) used in this epp of Saucerlife;


  3. The Montauk is such a strange story, it really makes me wonder if there might be a deliberate attempt to hide away unethical experimentation with children beneath all that kooky weirdness and kitsch sci-fi, in order to ensure no one with reputable credentials will come close to it.


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