Year of the Humanoids- Volume 2

Back in 2019, we did an episode on 1973, the Year of the Humanoids and now we’re back with more really, really strange humanoid stories! And this time, the Saucer Wife joins us to provide some analysis. What we found is that the brief descriptions in the book sometimes raise more questions than they answer. We do, however, have a deep desire for someone to create some artwork of the Feathered Catfish Person…
So join us for a light-hearted romp through some of the most fun stories we’ve ever encountered on the show.


  1. I’d like to imagine a man high on LSD leaving a disco in NYC. Gold medallion shining bright as he trips his way down the Appalachian trail. He finally comes down in Sydney, North Carolina, wondering how he got there.

    On a more serious note, the smell of sulfuric dioxide (‘rotten eggs’) was often be traced to leaking batteries back in the 70s and 80s. This episode has me wondering how many supposed encounters on the road can be traced to toxic vapors (e.g. exhaust leaks) from older cars. Maybe Saucer Wife is on to something…

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