Fifth Anniversary Celebration

It’s been five years of The Saucer Life so we’re celebrating with some Q & A and a look back at your favorite topics and ones you’d like to see in the future.
Also, check out this great art of Catfish Humanoids from listeners!
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One comment

  1. Congratulations on five years of epic weirdness!

    One quick observation on hybrids mentioned on the show ‘invaders who aren’t quite like us living among us and the human race being replaced….’ For some odd reason this was basically a main story arc in almost every 90s sci-fi show, usually with a secret government group fighting them. The shapeshifters in Trek, the brain parasites in Dark Skies, the X-Files, the Initiative in Buffy, the UK’s evolved Vampire drama Ultraviolet, the short-lived Prey featuring the evil next step in evolution – others did variations on the theme. Not sure what the explanation is – perhaps cheap morphing/digital effects becoming a thing on TV or some weird allusion to terrorism? In ye olden days Gerry Anderson’s UFO had aliens stealing our organs to keep their dying race going and of course V featured fascist lizards cosplaying as humans. And not forgetting the Invaders, which was excellent and the first model kit I ever built was the UFO from that. Sadly long gone…

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