Gulf Breeze- The Investigations

We’re back for the second part of our look at the Gulf Breeze UFO sightings! This time, we’ll be focusing largely on investigations of Ed Walters’s claims and his debunkers. Guest starring Phil Klass!

Additional sources

The Randle Report: UFOs in the 90s by Kevin Randle

A pretty good archive of clips from the “For the People” radio show from the early 90s

A collection of UFO newsletters discussing Gulf Breeze (at the Internet Archive)



  1. I’m not going to say I ever believed Ed Walters’ stories, but I didn’t automatically dismiss them either. However, once I heard the account of the supposed filmed encounter with the aliens, I was instantly convinced that he’s a BS artist. For the most part, anyway. It’s still POSSIBLE – though skeptics hate to hear this – that he did have one or two real UFO experiences early on. But I’m with you in suspecting that he saw a financial opportunity and decided to run with it.

    As for what was going on down there during that period with such a large number of sightings by many different witnesses, I have no idea.

    Regarding MUFON’s higher ups, I can’t say I was disappointed in them as I hadn’t had a lot of confidence in them for some time, but in my opinion they made themselves look credulous. Then again, if skeptics and/or debunkers like Sheaffer are right, it was in MUFON’s self-interest to express belief. It’s what their constituency wants.

    Is “The UFO Community” aware of this show, Aaron? If so, do they like it for bringing to light obscure aspects of UFO history, or do they regard it as too critical?

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    • “Is “The UFO Community” aware of this show, Aaron?”
      I sure hope not! Occasionally, I’m criticized for being too cynical, and/or not cynical enough regarding contactees!

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  2. Love the podcast, the Gulf Breeze sightings got me into UFOs as a teenager and some twenty years later, it was reading Jim Moseley’s investigation that made me wonder how exactly people were EVER fooled. Especially after the models were found in Ed Walter’s house. Keep up the great work!
    PS: Salisbury is pronounced “SAWLS-BERRY”


  3. We at least have to concede that Ed Walter’s raising his fists at a UFO wearing nothing but a towel easily trumps the “old man yells at cloud” Simpsons meme.

    Getting a bit more serious here, I often wondered if people like Ed might be able to manifest their fantasies on camera film not through deliberate chicanery, but something more complex and mysterious; like Ted Serios “thoughtographies” which have always fascinated me.

    In any case, the Gulf Breeze case deserves a place in UFO lore, which is why I used that particular saucer for our “Moon” card in the UFOlogy Tarot project.


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