Eugene Drake

Today, we’re going to take a look at a Contactee named Eugene Drake. Never heard of him? Neither had I. What’s his claim to fame? Um…. He might have been the source for the original Contactee-style account, years before George Adamski or Truman Bethurum did their thing. It’s a strange story. Much thanks to The Saucers that Time Forgot for their work on this story, as well as Håkan Blomqvist for his write up as well. They were very valuable resources!



  1. Drake’s explanation of Astralon’s powers feel awfully reminiscent of Dr. Occult, an early precursor to modern-day superheroes which was created by Siegel and Shuster before they came up with Superman. Back in those days, as Jeffrey Kripal explains in his incredible book Mutants and Mystics, superpowers were derived from what he calls “Orientation” (a reference to strange supernatural abilities cultivated by secret societies in the mystical lands of the ‘Orient’) instead of “Alienation” (as in the case of Superman, a native from the planet Krypton).

    Dr. Occult had the ability to change his size to become a giant, and also to travel through the astral plane to distant locations. Perhaps Eugene Drake was a secret comic book fan…

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  2. Drake included one Alonzo Mathewson in his acknowledgements of Life On the Planets. He’s listed as the astronomer to a king who died 130 years before the book was published. (Impressive if true). The only other reference for Mr Mathewson I could find online relates to a book by Helen Butler Wells, a medium who claimed to receive and dictate messages from Saturn and more earthly historical figures. I wonder both if Drake and Wells ever crossed paths, and if going down this rabbit hole has drawn my sanity into question…

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