The Zine Scene: UFO Magazine #1

In this installment of the Zine Scene, we’re looking at the very first issue of UFO Magazine, from 1986, and a number of other very early editions from 1987. For those of us who came to the magazine much later (the late 90s, in my case), these early issues are a bit different than what we might expect.

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  1. Great episode as usual. Zine Scenes are always a favorite of mine. In the mid 90s I worked in one of the last remaining newsstands in my part of Upstate NY. I don’t recall a lot of shelf space for UFOs or Paranormal activity. Any space not occupied by respectable magazines was reserved for more…shall we say…Nine Seven Sixey content.
    Lastly, I was disappointed Dr. Winnifred Cutler hadn’t placed an ad in the inaugural issue. 1986 was right around the time she started hawking pheromones and I feel like an opportunity was missed if I’m honest.

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