The Zine Scene: (California) UFO Magazine #2

The Zine Scene returns with another very early issue of (California) UFO Magazine! Like the first issue, this one shows off the diversity of the UFO scene, from articles and opinions that range from the nuts and bolts to the more etherial side of the UFO spectrum. There are some interesting ads, fun contactee stories, letters to the editor, and all sorts of other amusements, along with a couple of rabbit holes for us to go down.


One comment

  1. First off, it’s great to have The Saucer Life back.

    Second, the mention of the cinnamon smell immediately reminded me of Whitley Strieber’s Communion, and the scene in which he asked one of his captors to smell them in order to get an “anchor” to reality. In that book, Strieber described the smell emanating from the entity as a mix between cardboard and a subtle cinnamon overtone.

    And of course, if we’re going to talk about UFO encounters and smells, we are obliged to cite Joshua Cutchin’s seminal The Brimstone Deceit, where he mentions that cinnamon is one of the most common odors reported in alien abductions –especially in the UK, according to Jenny Randles.


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