Encounter 102: Of all the Things to Wish upon a Person–Al Bender and the Men in Black

Al Bender-MIB

In this episode, we’ll be looking at the story of Albert K. Bender and the origins of the Men in Black strand of flying saucer lore. Bender’s story is an odd one and, in my opinion, oddly touching. As a special treat, we feature some great audio of the man himself speaking in 1967.

If you don’t dig the music of the Buchanan Brothers, you can thank Curt Collins for recommending I cut back from what I featured in Encounter 101. You can find Curt at Blue Blurry Lines and The Saucers that Time Forgot.

You can follow me and the show on Twitter @saucerlife or on Facebook. Thanks for listening!



  1. Long time para-pod listener here – Saucer Life mentioned on Binnal of America.

    Refreshingly interesting style and presentation.

    Heard a lot about Bender & associates before but learned quite a bit new.

    Got the RSS in my feedcatcher and look forward to upcoming episodes. Thanks.


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