Encounter 101: General Principles and the Story of Helen

Welcome to our first episode! In this brief encounter, we’ll introduce the basic idea behind The Saucer Life, explore a flying saucer book I am almost positive you’ve never even heard of, much less read, and look down the road a bit to upcoming episodes.

You can find Helen Gismondi’s book on Amazon.

You can follow on Twitter (@saucerlife) or on Facebook. Stay tuned for the next installment in about a month!


  1. Excellent!!! You got my attention and I am now intrigued with this topic. I am definitely looking forward to future episodes!


  2. That was truly a ufo book I never heard of and I’ve collected some obscurities over the years. Amazon gives Gismondi Best Sellers rank as #15, 805, 508 which beats even my infinitesimal #4,208,637, so count me impressed.


    • Ha! I never would have heard of it if it hadn’t been in an independent bookstore in northern Michigan years ago. It was probably only there because of the connection to Michigan. I’m a sucker for ufo books that no one has ever heard of…


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