Encounter 101: General Principles and the Story of Helen

Welcome to our first episode! In this brief encounter, we’ll introduce the basic idea behind The Saucer Life, explore a flying saucer book I am almost positive you’ve never even heard of, much less read, and look down the road a bit to upcoming episodes.

You can find Helen Gismondi’s book on Amazon.

You can follow on Twitter (@saucerlife) or on Facebook. Stay tuned for the next installment in about a month!



  1. Excellent!!! You got my attention and I am now intrigued with this topic. I am definitely looking forward to future episodes!


  2. That was truly a ufo book I never heard of and I’ve collected some obscurities over the years. Amazon gives Gismondi Best Sellers rank as #15, 805, 508 which beats even my infinitesimal #4,208,637, so count me impressed.


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