Lights, Camera, Reinhold!

Reinhold O. Schmidt was a contactee who had a number of encounters before (and, well, after) he turned to a life of crime. Join us for cigar shaped craft and grand theft.

The Kearney Incident Up to Now (There was a scan floating around the internet and I uploaded it to the Internet Archive. I believe this to be in the public domain. If not, I’m sure someone will let IA know!)

The text of Edge of Tomorrow

Photos from the film Edge of Tomorrow




  1. I dislike people who do what I am about to do… I feel like someone who complains about apostrophes in newspaper headlines… For whatever unaccountable reason, the city in Nebraska is pronounced as if it’s spelled “Carny.” Yes, like the amusement show worker! Check out the Long John Nebel Show of February 5, 1958 on which his guests discuss this case.

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    • Here’s the thing–I thought it was “Carny” too, but when I watched Edge of Tomorrow, everyone who said “Kearney” pronounced a different way (including Schmidt), so I flipped my pronunciation coin; it obviously landed the wrong way!

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  2. […] In this episode, we look at one of the seminal sighting events of the 1950s through the eyes of newspaper readers, the Air Force, and the UFO community. We’re going to Texas and we’re gonna encounter some weather. Along the way, I’ll mention a Contactee and a grifter. […]


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