The Saucer Afterlife: Lights, Camera, August Roberts?

Speaking of interesting but fundamentally dull flying saucer films, in this installment of The Saucer Afterlife, I spend a few minutes on The Flying Saucer Mystery. This is a 1952 short film (which is actually an extended version of one that came out in 1950) that features August Roberts (for 4 seconds), Frank Scully (who seems like a hoot), and Donald Keyhoe (who is whatever the opposite of a hoot might be).

You can watch this film on YouTube. Or, for $0.99, you can watch it while the guys at Rifftrax (Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett from the old MST3K) make fun of it.

Also, check out the Saucers that Time Forgot web site, which has in-depth overviews of both the 1950 and 1952 editions.


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