Radio Daze

Radio! It use to be a thing–ask your folks, kids! Since the beginning of the flying saucer phenomenon, there have been radio programs dedicated to the subject. While there were several high profile “specials,” about the topic this episode focuses on the long running radio series that focused–at least in part–on UFOs, usually as part of a larger focus on the paranormal or conspiratorial topics.

John E. L. Tenney writes about “Incredible But True”

2013 Slate article on the mythic nature of the “War of the Worlds” hysteria narrative

A Long John Nebel collection at Internet Archive

Collection of “Open Mind” programs at Internet Archive

Adam Gorightly’s article on Billy Goodman

Some Billy Goodman Happening episodes at YouTube

The Paranet Continuum shows at Internet Archive are pretty disorganized, but THIS LINK takes you to a bunch, along with some other Paranet related stuff. Ignore the bio about Michael Corbin at the top of the page–I think it’s the wrong Michael Corbin!


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